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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is your Range Safety Policy so strict?

A: Shooting is an inherently dangerous activity; people can be injured or killed. We take safety very seriously. If we allow people with no training onto the range, this puts their lives and yours in danger. Would you feel safe shooting at a range where the shooters next to you didn't follow safety rules and didn't know what they were doing?

Q: I've never shot a handgun before. Can I shoot on your range?

A: Only if you bring someone with you who is very experienced with handguns. This person must be able and willing to train you, and accompany you on your first visit to the range.

Q: I'm a new shooter or am not very experienced with handguns; can you teach me, or can someone else there teach me?

A: Due to liability reasons, neither Robert nor any customer in the store can train you or teach you. However, you may bring someone with you who is very experienced with handguns as long as that individual is comfortable teaching you.

Q: I'm a new or inexperienced shooter; why won't you let me practice and learn how to shoot on your range?

A: See the first three questions.

Q: You said I'm not experienced enough and wouldn't let me on the range but I disagree with you. I think I know what I'm doing and it upset me that you didn't let me use the range.

A: We would rather err on the side of caution. Fortunately, the decision is not permanent. If you are willing to bring someone with you who is very experienced with handguns, you will have another opportunity to use the range.

Q: What types of guns can I shoot on your range?

A: No high-powered rifles or their cartridges, and no shotguns. Handguns and rifles that use pistol calibers are allowed. See Robert for further details.

Q: Do you do transfers?

A: We used to, but due to hassles too numerous to count, we stopped doing them.

Q: Can my child shoot on your range? Is there an age requirement?

A: There is no age requirement; there is a maturity requirement. We need to meet your child in-person first. If your child is mature, listens to you, and is well-behaved, then it is more likely that your child can shoot on the range.

Q: Do you issue gift certificates?

A: Yes, just stop by and see us in the store.

Q: Are you banning lead-based ammunition?

A: Not at all.

Q: If I shoot at your range, do I have to use your ammo?

A: Nope, feel free to bring your own. However, if you rent one of our guns, you must use our ammunition in the rental gun.

Q: If I shoot at your range, can I bring my own targets?

A: You may bring full-sized targets; small-sized targets are not allowed as they tend to increase damage to the range.

This page last updated on August 3, 2019.